Life in technology

Working for
RBB Technology

How do you sum up an organisation like this one? For a start, we believe in living in our customers’ world, not ours. And we think bold. Plus we don’t believe there’s any point in comparing ourselves to other banks. We’re something different, and do most things differently. Which makes working with us different too.

You can develop a career here, because it’s not just a job. Our people tend to stay with us, but with over 80,000 people in many locations, there are lots of opportunities to move around teams, offices and countries. And your first job needn’t be your last! People often move around the bank in different roles, all in the name of career development. Better yet, we encourage this mobility as we are committed to developing our talent.

Perhaps the best thing about being here is that it’s not all about us. In 2010, we collectively invested £55.3m and supported 62,118 employees in our community programmes, reaching more than 1.5 million people around the world.

That’s not all we get involved in. We shared the secrets of success with school children in China, took a group of homeless children out for the day in India and dug paths and gardens at a primary school in the UK. Besides that, we’ve climbed the highest peaks in the UK a few times, raised funds for the New Hope Orphanage in Kenya, helped teenagers in Lithuania and built sandcastles in Singapore. So working for us often means working for lots of other people too.