Life in technology

Technology at Barclays

Technology at Barclays

Part of the Barclays Group, Retail and Business Banking (RBB) operates across 21 countries and is most recognisable on the high street thanks to the branches, Barclaycard and our international operations across Europe and Africa.

With over 9,000 people located globally in Europe, Asia and Africa, the RBB Technology team makes up the majority of this group. They are the people who drive technology across the whole of RBB, working closely with teams in all areas such as Barclaycard, Barclays Africa, UKRB and Europe Retail Banking.

We’re also recognised by our peers in the industry. In December 2010 the UK Retail Bank won two awards for market leading ideas. Our Barclays.Mobi application won the top award for “transforming performance of customer service through technology – Mobile and Internet”. And our Barclays Online Customer Discussion Document won “innovation in supporting customer decision making”. Both show how we’re listening to our customers and colleagues and making improvements to meet their needs.

The best systems, the best hardware, the best people

The best surveillance systems, the best hardware, the best people. They’re three of the things that have kept us in front. In fact, we’ve long been a pioneer in technology. Whether it’s a question of how to support mobile banking or implement contactless technology, or data storage that keeps the details of some 37 million customers completely safe from any threat in this digital age, it’s all been driven by our technical teams around the world.

From digital warehouses with five petabytes of data to best-in-class security servers, they work on vital maintenance and pioneering developments that benefit customers on UK high streets or in South African towns.

At Barclays, life in technology means lives made much easier. Without it, we wouldn’t be in business. So it makes business sense to make sure we have the best technical professionals around.

So, why join Barclays RBB Technology?

There are so many reasons why people choose to join us. Our technology team is behind some of the most high profile innovations on the market, from contactless technology to mobile banking. So the work you do is very visible to our 37 million customers around the world.

Thanks to the pace of change, there are always opportunities to develop. All our technology is in-house in our centres across the globe. It means we keep the expertise in-house too, and treat it like one of our greatest assets.

Because of our stability and growth we’re uniquely placed to invest in people and technology which are right for our customers and our business. All of which has a positive impact on our teams.