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Mark Li
ROLB Delivery Manager, China

Since August last year, I’ve been both a Development Team Leader and then a Delivery Manager at Barclays. My first role saw me running a team of 12, engaged in Retail Online Banking (ROLB) application development in China. Later I took the role of Delivery Manager, which means I was managing a ROLB development team of more than 30 members in China. This role requires me to manage both ROLB delivery and people towards a productive managed service model. I have also been involved in building offshore development teams in China for non-ROLB projects like Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server and eBOX.

A typical day starts with checking and replying to emails sent by my UK colleagues overnight my time. Around 11am I normally meet my team leaders to discuss projects and action plans. After lunch, I write documents which are used to report to stakeholders. Then I might spend time speaking with HR/vendors to check and arrange recruitment activities and maybe conduct interviews. From 5pm, I will attend project meetings with UK colleagues to update delivery progress and recruitment.

I would say the most exciting project I’ve been involved with is ROLB IDV, where we had to rebuild a brand new structured ROLB application. As the offshore development team, we had earned trust from the UK onsite team very fast, and then played an important role in pushing the project build forward. Although we’ve met a lot of challenges in terms of scope changes, infrastructure and time zone differences, we still maintained high productivity. I’m always excited by the technical challenges, strong teamwork and the big business value we will deliver.

There are so many things I enjoy about working here. For example, company culture, great career development and nice colleagues.  During last year, I learned about various initiatives including our Diversity & Inclusion approach. These excellent ideas make me so proud of being part of Barclays. We can see how the company respects customers, colleagues and community. We have established a strong partnership with the BTC UK team and see each other as a one large global team.

In RBB Technology, everyone can learn business knowledge and technical skills, and has enough opportunity to practice. This is an excellent environment for career development and there is a clear career path. Being the offshore development centre, China is going to have more and more global deliveries. My aim is to use my talents and experience to manage the offshore development portfolio with high productivity, outstanding quality and low cost. I want to deliver maximum business value to customers and make their lives much easier.