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Andrew Murphy
Head of GISD for Africa, South Africa

I first joined Barclays in 2002, left five years later and then rejoined in July 2010, and I’m really excited to be back!  It feels like coming home in a sense, as this is a great organisation with global reach, good people and a spirit of doing things that’s hard to beat.

My first role was as a Programme Manager before I moved on to become Head of Portfolio Management for Africa and the Middle East.  My brief these days involves responsibility for infrastructure and service delivery across ten countries in Africa, and providing services to Asia and ABSA bank. The job is not just about running the business and keeping the lights on. It’s basically making sure systems are available for the business and customers, and that they’re effective and efficient. It’s also about building out a sustainable platform for the future to enable growth.

A typical day for me would be diary review before I get to the office, catching up on emails and then getting out on the floor to interact with people.  I’ll review the previous evening’s runs with service management, ensure that action plans are put in place, and then you’ll find me planning and brainstorming to find solutions to issues.  There will be project meetings to attend as well, but the biggest part of the job is probably communicating with stakeholders, customers, suppliers, peers and colleagues, and finding space simply to reflect, think and plan.

At the moment we have a big integration project running which will bring people and technology together across Africa – it’s really close to my heart.  We are successful in what we do because of the strength of leadership from our Executive team and truly passionate colleagues from multiple cultures making a difference in the communities in which we work.

As for the future, I aim to build a strong regional capability for GISD across all ten countries that we operate in.  After that, I’d like to be accountable for a global function across Barclays.