Life in technology/Global locations


The Strategic Centre

Our centre at Changi Business Park was established in 2008.  We have two bases – the Eightrium and Ultro. Singapore will continue as our strategic centre and increase footprint across the international and UK-based business. It’s a thriving centre of excellence for core banking and other banking channels, and so it’s no wonder that we grew in 2011.

What we do

We build and support core banking and channel products for Barclays business units all over the world. We also standardise solutions for the international businesses and create operational efficiencies. Here’s where our teams develop world-class capabilities in business technology, in-sourcing intellectual property and providing a consistent and high quality service to all platforms. And it’s our in-sourced resources and capabilities which help our partners in the UK businesses.

What it’s like to work here

Besides training and career progression, there’s a lot going on here at our Centre in Singapore. With a multi-cultural environment and strong leadership, it’s a very open and creative place to work. There are no desk barriers so that we can work closely alongside each other and our Town Hall meetings ensure we’re all involved and informed. State-of-the-art facilities and great amenities make this a modern and vibrant place to work.

Rewards and Benefits

We know what it takes to attract the best people, and that the chance to work alongside experts in the field and develop your own expertise in a multi-million facility is just part of the reward. Our commitment to training means you’re always equipped for the next new challenge and to further your career development. In addition to this, Barclays employees can also enjoy the following rewards and benefits:

  • Fixed pay including base salary
  • Discretionary Compensation Award
  • Central Provident Fund Contributions
  • Retirement Benefit Scheme
  • Medical and Insurance Benefits
  • Global Share Purchase Scheme