Life in technology/Global locations

Airport Road and Hinjawadi, Pune, India

The Strategic Centre

Since our launch in 2007 we’ve had a real presence in Pune. We began by establishing a robust infrastructure, and since then, we’ve grown our critical mass in key technology clusters including global delivery, global infrastructure, global testing and global information services, and we have key centres of excellence. In order to do this we have actively recruited top talent from some of the world’s fastest growing emerging markets in Asia Pacific.

What we do

Demand from the UK is accelerating, so our delivery to the UK Tech Offices including Retail, Corporate, Barclaycard and Central Support has never been more important. Our 1250 employees focus on IT application and infrastructure management, and our centres of excellence for Testing and Business Intelligence. We also provide end-to-end software services to the Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Credit Card business areas.

Our Strategic Programmes are certainly varied. Global Payments Utility (GPU) is a $100m+ global programme which will replace the legacy estate for the payments processing across Barclays. We also have Phoenix, which gives corporate customers business banking capability using the latest and most secure internet technologies in the industry. In addition, Barclays Enterprise Middleware (BEM) provides a standardised messaging framework for applications across the Barclays group.

Our services range from end-to-end programme management for enterprise system development, to global remote infrastructure management of major services.

What it’s like to work here

We have two locations in Pune. The first is at Panchashil Techpark, Airport Road, which is the base for around 250 employees. Our primary and growing site at Rajiv Gandhi Info Tech Park, Hinjawadi, houses a further 1000 people. The sites are approximately 1 hour apart by road.

Rewards and Benefits

We know what it takes to attract the best people, and that the chance to work alongside experts in the field and develop your own expertise in a multi-million facility is just part of the reward. Our commitment to training means you’re always equipped for the next new challenge and to further your career development. In addition to this, Barclays employees can also enjoy the following rewards and benefits:

  • Fixed pay: includes base salary, cash allowance (combined makes Annual Gross Salary)
  • Discretionary Compensation Award
  • Medi-claim, Personal Accident Policy, Life Insurance, Concierge Services, Doctor On-call, Employee Assistance Program
  • Recognition Programs: STAR Awards, Monthly STAR Awards and Instant STAR Cards